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The Sparklers

Behind Lucky Locks there is a team of magical humans across the US and the Seas. While we were originally established in Portland, Oregon, we are spreading the love so that you can enjoy the magic wherever you are. Below you will meet our most skilled and trusted partners (so far). Keep checking back for the roll-out of each of our professionally trained sparklers and their locations... one may pop up in your vicinity!

If you are interested in becoming a partner in an area we have not yet covered, please click below & shoot us a message.

Otherwise, read about our team and feel free to book with the sparkler nearest you. 


Sarah Collins • Portland, Oregon

Sarah founded Lucky Locks in 2016 because she never grew out of the love of sparkles and doesn't see a reason to — creating & sharing beauty in many forms is her "raison d'être". Outside of Lucky Locks, she owns a visual marketing company designing & photographing for innovators around the world. She is also co-founder of a flight-based non-profit called Flight for the Cause. Somewhere between those things, she can be found traveling near and far, finding inspiration in whomever & wherever she goes.



Rachel Collins • Loveland & fort collins, Colorado

Rachel is the Northern Colorado / Front Range sparkler. She’s impassioned to make people feel their best, most beautiful & healthy selves, and she spends most of her time doing that as a Physician Assistant in the world of dermatology. Hire her for an event or individual service appointment, but make sure not to miss the opportunity to ask her opinion about that weird shaped mole you’ve know, to get the biggest bang for your buck! Book to reserve Rachel if you are in Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley & surrounding areas.



Brittany Badeau • salt lake city, utah

Brittany is a full-time pediatric nurse, part-time fitness instructor (who will kick your booty in spin class) and loves to help people reach their goals in those realms. If you look up "people-person", this photo lies below the definition...for reals! When she's not tied up charming the heck out of everyone, she can be found at home with her husband and new fur-baby, Hamilton (the golden-doodle). Get a hold of Brittany if you are in Utah and want some sparkle!



Tiffany Read • Denver, Colorado

Tiffany is our renaissance woman — she is in the throws of beauty school but she still makes time to shred on her skateboard or in the mountains. She is also an inspired painter, talented barista, can sing and strum the guitar like nobody's business, and is one of those people who cares to really *see* you. If you’re in the Denver/Boulder area wanting sparkles & good energy, book yourself an appointment with Tiff.



BRITT REYES • Portland, Oregon

Britt is practically omni-present. She is the design studio manager at Nike HQ here in Oregon, but also is mysteriously our most mobile partner...and when we say mobile, we mean mobile in a few exciting ways: Brittany offers a plethora of sparkly things in her "Sparkle-Bus" during Pride Weeks, also she is a world-traveler and is constantly exploring new places. Go follow her adventures— if you see she is in your area, hit her up for a little glitz and a lot of fun! She's got enough stories to keep you entertained for at least the time it takes to tie 100 sparkles.



rachel dunn • twin cities, minnesota

Rachel is the Lucky Locks sparkler of Twin Cities, Minnesota where her, her hubs, and her pup are new to town. She is a true appreciator of the simple things of life, and she finds her joy in steering others in that direction too. Rachel has knack for making the young and the old smile, and it's pretty perfect that she is a preschool teacher, because she gets to do what she does best every day. Outside of the hustle, she loves to slow down, hang out with Wisco the pup, cook or get outdoors whether that be via bike, hike or kayak. If you're in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, introduce yourself to Rachel & get some sparkle while you're at it!



Julia Cummings • Brooklyn, New york

Julia has mastered the art of positive interaction, leaving a trail of smiling faces in her wake. She has built this into her life through her work where not only is she a sparkler but she is a customer advocate for Buffer, happily offering support and troubleshooting to customers all day long. Her jobs are fully remote and so she takes advantage of that by traveling whenever she can. For obvious reasons, her heart beats & soul sings for her squeezable dog Zora. She also loves plants, exploring, the ocean, and various forms of yoga. If you are based in the East Coast and would like to book a sparkler for an event or appointment, Julia would be happy to chat with you!



Jax Lavender • Boulder, Colorado

Meet our Jax of all trades! You can trust Jax with a multitude of things outside of sparkling. She can professionally guide you through a flow of yoga positions, you can call upon her registered nurse and health coaching skills for your health concerns, and she can amplify your life with what we believe to be the real riches — music, stories, passion and laughter. Currently she is studying plant medicine, busking on Pearl Street and performing at venues as a member of a band called "Las Curanderas" (in English, that's "The Medicine Women"), and simply enjoying a gypsy lifestyle alongside her canine companion, Che. If you're in the Boulder area, track Jax down...she will guaranteed add some sparkle in your life, both literally & figuratively. 



Mary Bombardier • ollantaytambo, Peru

Our first International sparkler comes to you from the Sacred Valley of south Peru! Mary owned a fitness facility in the US and in the last few years has sold her belongings to move to South America where she enjoys a beautiful and simpler life. She manages Casa de Wow, a magical guest house in a quaint village called Ollantaytambo that is a fantastic place to temporarily land if you are planning a trip to visit Machu Picchu. This cobblestone paved village has peacefully flowing aqueducts throughout, and is surrounded by giant hills infused with ancient Incan history. Seek out Mary for the best lodging experience in Peru and get your locks sparkled for your journey.