Hair Sparkles

What are Lucky Locks?

Lucky Locks are fine threads of silk that come in a multitude of colors to suit your style. They can be placed as a subtle statement for you to rock every day, or a blingin' display for an event you want to sparkle for.

The strands are very strong and can withstand the high heat of your blow dryer, straightening or curling irons. They will survive hair coloring whether that be lifting color or dying. Each individual thread is tied securely to a singular strand of your hair, and will last until you shed it.

Who doesn't need a little luck?

People around the world consider these magical strands lucky, so if you are seeking a daily charm or simply enjoy a little sparkle in your life, you've come to the right place!

Consider hiring Lucky Locks as a fun & unique service for in-store-events, parties, a surprise gift for a sparkle-lovin' friend, to work in tandem with your make-up artist for a performance or wedding, to come into your office and name it. 





Pricing packages

10 strands for $25
20 strands for $45
30 strands for $65

(and so on)

The break-down:
$2.50 / strand for the first 10
Price drops to $2.00 / strand after initial 10

Minimum order of 5 strands @ $15 is suggested & requested.

A $45 minimum is requested for house calls
or one on one appointments.

host paid events

$120 / hour

50 sparkles can be tied per hour.
Number of sparkles per guest is estimated on interest level at event.

How do I pay?

In preferential order, payment can be taken in the following forms:
Cash • Venmo • Cash App • Debit • Credit


Available colors

we have every hue you could dream of!
The colors below are available for you to be sparkled with at the time of your appointment/event.

If you would like to purchase a pack of our 100% Silk Sparkles and tying tools, please fill out & submit our order form. Not all the colors below are available for purchase in packs, the color guide at the bottom of the order page will reflect what is.


The Sparkle Empress


Who is The Sparkle Empress?

That's me, Sarah. I am primarily a professional graphic designer & photographer  — and my unwavering love for all that glitters, magic, beauty, and doing something unique for people has evolved into this additional business of "sparkling".  

Schedule flexibility is the name of my game, so reach out with your preferred date and time, and I will do my best to accommodate you!

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