How are they placed in my hair?

Each strand is tied to a single hair with a tiny tool we call a sparkle hook. The knot used to tie the sparkle strand to the hair is secure and will not slip. The knot will be practically undetectable and an inch or less away from your scalp, and will grow out with your hair. 

How long will the strands last?

Clients and our Sparklers have had our strands last anywhere from one day to two years! It all depends on when your hair that the sparkle is attached to sheds. Each strand is tied in a secure knot to one single hair, so when that chosen hair sheds, so does the sparkle. It is recommended that you get a few more strands tied than you hope to wear, because one or two sparkles tend to fall out within the first week due to shedding. We are mindful of selecting the thickest, strongest individual hairs to tie to, but when a hair chooses to shed is a variable that is out of our control. If a sparkle falls out within the time we are together, your Sparkler will of course tie you a new one free of charge. 

Does it hurt?

Other than a tiny tug on the individual hair the sparkle is being tied to, no reports of pain have been made!

Can I apply heat or color to my hair?

Yes. You can treat your hair the same way you would without them. Unlike many other sparkles out there that are a synthetic based, our sparkles are silk based, which means our strands can withstand the highest heat from your hair tools, and will remain strong through color-lifting chemicals, dye & other hair treatments.  

Is there metal in the strands?

No metal in these metallic-looking strands. We've had customers concerned about going through metal detectors or getting an MRI with the sparkles...this accessory will not affect either of these things. 

Can you tie the strands into short hair?
Very curly hair?
Kids hair?
Men's hair?

Yes to all. Well, almost. Hair for sparkles needs to be at least 2 inches long. It does not matter if your hair is curly or straight — the strands are strong but are also very light, so they go with the flow, however you wear your hair. Finer and brittle hair tends to shed a bit quicker than coarse thick hair, so while we can sparkle anyone, the longevity is different from hair type to hair type.

Do you do events or parties?

Yes. We love to sparkle groups of people and can travel to your company office and sparkle while you work, to your house or store for a special event, to your bridal suite before your wedding, you name it. A location with good light is preferable! We are experts and could tie sparkles with our eyes closed, but tying knots to individual hairs in the dark is not ideal.

Will you travel to us? How far are you willing to go?

We are happy to travel to you. Private appointments always have a 20 strand ($60) minimum, and host paid events a 1 hour minimum, and if your appointment or event is more than 30 miles away round trip from your Sparkler's base location, a fee of $2 per mile will be applied. We are also happy to fly to events if needed, as long as travel and lodging for your Sparkler(s) is in your budget.  

How much do they cost?


• 10 strands for $30. 
• 20 strands for $60. 
• 30 strands for $90.
(and so on)
The break-down:
For each individual, a minimum package of 5 strands @ $15 is strongly suggested to keep you sparkly and happy as long as possible.


• $150 / hour
(# of sparkles per guest is estimated on interest level at event, generally our sparklers can tie 40-50 sparkles in 1 hour if transitions between people are quick.)

How do I pay?

Payment can be taken in the following forms which may vary from sparkler to sparkler: Cash • Venmo • Cash App • Debit • Credit • Paypal.
You may also be able to pay online if your sparkler has an online booking system.

Can I buy my own sparkle packs and tools to learn myself?

Our kits, product and installation method are exclusive to those professionally trained by Lucky Locks. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and would like to run your own Lucky Locks, please inquire here! If you are interested in offering Lucky Locks at your salon or other type of brick and mortar establishment, please get in touch with us here.

Can I start a Lucky Locks too?

Yes! We are passionate about helping motivated individuals succeed as entrepreneurs and so we’ve created a comprehensive Partner program that will offer you all of the support you need when you begin your business. Tell us about you via the form on this page. We hope not to over-saturate a region in order to make room for each of our Partner’s success, so please share your location and we will evaluate the need and get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a Stylist/Salon Owner and would like to integrate this into my services, is there a special program for this?

Absolutely. We have a Stylist Program that is less involved than the Partner program, but includes many perks such as personalized training, supply discounts, and a visually stunning display for stylists who want to integrate sparkling into their menu of offerings. While you would not be considered a Partner, we do certify your skills and are happy to represent you on our site as a trusted sparkler in your region.

Any other questions?

Feel free to email us!