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Each of our Sparklers have their own booking systems,
so if you are looking to book an appointment outside of a pop-up event that is on our walk-in calendar,
please fill this form out in accordance to your desired appointment date, time, and location and we will set you up with someone to make your wishes come true.
Your Sparkler may be able to come to you, or they can propose a location that works best.
(If you want to reserve a time slot at a pop-up event, you may contact the Sparkler or find a link to schedule within the event details in bold.)

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Please include the *city & state* of your location so we can book the Sparkler nearest you. Or provide *full address* if you desire a Sparkler come to you at a specific location.
If you have a specific date and time in mind, please let us know. If a few dates work, please list them.
Choosing your package ahead of time will help us block out enough time for you. If you think you need more strands at the time of your appointment, we like to be flexible and are happy to accommodate when we can, allowing you to be as sparkly as you want to be. Private appointments have a $45 minimum. If you would like to bring a friend or two to meet the $45 minimum for private appointments, please specify in the detail box at the bottom of this form.
Use this space to include any important details or questions you may have.
Have you been sparkled by a Lucky Locks Partner in the past? Do you prefer to schedule this appointment with them again? If so, let us know their name & we will do our best to have them work your appointment.