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What are
Lucky Locks?

Lucky Locks are fine threads of sparkly silk that come in a multitude of colors to suit your style. They can be placed as a subtle statement for you to rock every day, or a blingin’ display for an event you want to shine for. 

The strands are strong enough to withstand the highest heat from your hair tools such as curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers. They also survive hair coloring and other chemical treatments. Each individual thread is tied securely to a single strand of your hair, and will last until you shed it. We say they can last a day up to a year, though a few clients are still finding sparkles placed over 2 years ago!

Who doesn't need a little luck?

People around the world consider these magical strands lucky, so if you are seeking a daily charm or simply enjoy a little sparkle in your life, you've come to the right place!

Consider hiring Lucky Locks as a fun & unique service for in-store-events, parties, a surprise gift for a sparkle-lovin' friend, to work in tandem with your make-up artist for a performance or wedding, to come into your office and name it. 


We have been fortunate to work events with many companies & brands — big & small.
Below are a few known businesses we are proud to have worked our magic for.
Whether you are a local boutique or a national corporation, it’s no matter... We enjoy working with anyone open-minded and fun!


Available Colors

we have every hue in silk you could dream of!
The colors below are available for you to be sparkled with at the time of your appointment/event.

Special Edition

Below are a few special colors that are available for only a limited time.
Your sparkler may or may not have them on hand, so if you are particularly drawn to any of the below,
inquire with your sparkler about its availability before booking.