10 strands for $30
strands for $60
strands for $90

(and so on)

The break-down:

Things to note:

Appointment minimum:
$60 minimum for private appointments (that is 20 sparkles for 1 person).
(If you want less sparkle for yourself, invite a friend or two!) 

Schedule time:
When you book, please let us know which service package each individual will be wanting, so that we can block out enough time for each individual. We are typically flexible and try not to book appointments too back to back, in case you change your mind and want more sparkles than you originally booked for. However, an estimate is helpful beforehand.

If you would like us to travel to you:
We offer 30 miles of roundtrip travel as a complimentary service.
After the 30 miles of travel are met, a $2/mile fee will be added to the total of your appointment.

You can pay with:
Cash • Debit • Credit • Venmo • Cash App

Cancellation policy: 
Please provide us a 48 hour notice if you would like to cancel your appointment.